Welcome to Power Color International

POWER COLOR INTERNATIONAL GmbH and the partners with their company headquarters in Bavaria-Germany have their main fields of activity in the research and sale of energy-saving, protective and health-focussed coatings.
To us, standing still means the same as a taking a step backwards and this is why we are constantly optimising and developing our products. This applies both in the field of product quality and to matters regarding the environment and health protection.

To us, terms such as "Green Tech" and "Clean Tech" are not just modern-day slogans, they are indeed the reality of our everyday work.

Our products are manufactured only in Germany in accordance with the highest quality management. The "Franken-Maxit" company is part of our group structure and it likewise collaborates in the development and above all in the production of our coatings.

Maxit is the largest manufacturer of building materials in Europe; it manufactures its products in accordance with the most demanding quality management system, DIN ISO 9001, is in addition TÜV-certified and belongs to the Saint-Gobain parent organization.

One of the German Production Facilities